In March 2001, the company I was with for over a decade downsized. I was laid off from my position as Senior Administrative Assistant. While I was looking for a new job, I found out I had breast cancer. I spent the next year dealing with surgeries, chemotherapy and recovery.

Once  I was given a clean bill of health, I started the job search again. Not knowing what to do, I began a residential cleaning business serving mostly friends and family at first. It’s in that moment that I found passion for making things that were once brand-new sparkle; a clean start!

My residential cleaning business flourished and provided me the opportunity work part-time while my husband and I brought two wonderful children into the world. Shortly thereafter I received the devastating news that my breast cancer had returned. My husband and I made the decision it was best for me to leave my cleaning business and stay home with our children while I fought breast cancer for a second time. With endless support from my friends and family, I beat cancer once again!

Before long, I found the time and energy to re-engage my residential cleaning business. I also began helping a friend with her commercial cleaning business part-time. After working with my friend for three years, I realized how much I loved it! I decided to act on my passion and start my own commercial cleaning business. That’s where CC’s Strong Reflections began.

Cindy Clark, Owner & Founder CC's Strong Reflections

My goal is to be a sparkling reflection on your business.

-Cindy Clark



To become the leading commercial cleaning company in the Capital Region. As a strong woman-owned company, CC’s Strong Reflections will become a force in the local business community as well as in the fight against breast cancer.


To provide best-in-class commercial cleaning services that result in enjoyable client experiences that reflect well on clients, using business successes to eradicate breast cancer.


  • Maintain the passion for cleaning and be a sparkling reflection on your business
  • Use my journey as a cancer survivor and my characteristics as a strong woman to drive key decisions and motivate company/employees
  • Ensure all employees embody the characteristics that have made me successful
    • Strong work ethic
    • Commitment to success
  • Provide high quality service. Reliable, trustworthy, and no cutting corners!



    • CC’s Strong Reflections donate a percentage of every contract to breast cancer research.